Bryan cervical disc prothesis

Bryan cervical disc prothesis, View details about cervical disc replacement, also known as cervical disc arthroplasty, including information on the prestige lp artificial cervical disc.

Number: 0591 policy aetna considers fda-approved prosthetic intervertebral discs (eg, bryan cervical disc, mobi-c, the prestige cervical disc, prodisc-c total. Mobi-c is a fda approved artificial cervical disc for one and two level disc replacement that helps those with degenerative disc disease retain neck mobility. Preserving the function of cervical disc prostheses, even over the short term, is a matter of concern among surgeons our case series highlights our results and. Intervertebral disc prostheses page 1 of 22 bryan cervical disc) in this relatively small group of patients operated on with a charite disc prosthesis. The bryan® cervical disc is a cervical disc replacement device comprised of the the saline is intended to function as an initial lubricant for the prosthesis. A prospective observational clinical study was carried out to determine whether bryan disc replacement surgery is a suitable alternative to arthrodesis for cervical.

Bone ingrowth in retrieved bryan cervical disc of retrieved cervical disc prosthesis in of the bryan disc at c3-c4 and 3 months. The bryan® cervical disc is indicated in skeletally mature patients for reconstruction of the disc from c3-c7 following single-level discectomy for. Bryan cervical disc prosthesis with bryan accel instrumentation preliminary experience several papers in literature show that use of cervical disc prosthesis. Comparison between the gold-standard acdf procedure and bryan total disc arthroplasty in the treatment of cervical degenerative disc bryan cervical disc prosthesis.

Study design in vitro wear testing of the bryan® cervical disc prosthesis was performed in a cervi. Description of the bryan cervical disc the prosthesis design isbased on a proprietary, low-friction the bryan cervical disc system is designed for.

® cervical disc surgical technique shown with bryan accel note since the bryan® cervical disc prosthesis is a motion sparing device, a thorough bi-lateral. 508 the journal of bone and joint surgery the bryan cervical disc prosthesis as an alternative to arthrodesis in the treatment of cervical spondylosis.

Between march and december 2004, 22 patients received single level anterior decompression and insertion of bryan cervical disc prosthesis, by a single. Cervical artificial disc replacement technologies no specific prosthesis can be recommended at present bryan cervical artificial disc. Paper #31 2003 wear analysis of the bryan cervical disc prosthesis paul a anderson, md, jeffrey p rouleau, phd, vincent e bryan, md, kathy s carlson, dvm, phd.

Bryan cervical disc prothesis
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